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Put yourself in the best hands
At SPA9 you will be in the best hands.
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Full-body relaxing oil massage

A perfect way to relax stiff muscles and busy minds, the full-body oil massage benefits the musculoskeletal system and is great for chronic back, neck and limb pain. (90 Minutes)

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Indian head massage

Attack your troubles head-on! This ancient Ayurveda massage technique is designed to harmonize body and soul. It effectively relieves stress and eases headaches. (60 Minutes)


Hands and feet massage

Hands and feet are among the most sensitive body parts. They are filled with reflexology points and respond to the lightest touch. Their massage benefits the nervous system as well as many internal organs. (60 Minutes)


Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage or manual lymphatic drainage is a fine technique that aids the flow of the lymph. Improves its movement and flow. Specific motions drain the lymphatic body surface system and relieve swelling, improve circulation and drainage, improve nutrition and defenses. (60 Minutes)


Sports massage

Very popular massage for beginning or professional athletes. It helps blood flow and relaxes the muscles after sport. It provides them with a new energy. Stimulating and encouraging gestures with stronger pressure will definitely get you in the form! (60 Minutes)


Pain relief

Specially designed therapeutic massage. The therapist will focus at your stiff back or other places and difficulties that hurt you and bother you. You will feel the health effects immediately after the massage. (60 Minutes)


Pregnancy massage

Massage of pregnant women is very delicate, relaxing and safe. It has a beneficial effect on the back, neck and leg pains. Regular massages are a great way to relax and strengthen and harmonize mom and her child. (60 Minutes)



Our offer




Our offer